Washington Wizards: Schedule in Orlando presents tough road to playoffs

We finally know who the Washington Wizards will be matching up against when they enter the bubble.

Folks, we are officially one step closer to the restart of the Washington Wizards‘ season. After months of rumors and announcements, the latest news makes it feel like this whole NBA thing is actually going to happen.

Schedules are finally here.

The 22 teams in the Orlando bubble will only play eight games before the playoffs start, but those eight games will be incredibly crucial. Especially for teams fighting for a playoff spot. Especially for the Wizards.

Of course, Davis Bertans’ absence certainly won’t help the Wizards clinch the East’s final playoff spot, but if they’re in the bubble, they’ve got a chance. And these secret weapons could help them make some noise in Disney World.

Let’s take a look at who stands in their way.

The Washington Wizards face an uphill battle towards the playoffs.

7/31 vs. Phoenix Suns @ 4 pm

8/2 vs. Brooklyn Nets @ 2 pm

8/3 vs. Indiana Pacers @ 4 pm

8/5 vs Philadelphia 76ers @ 4 pm

8/7 vs. New Orleans Pelicans @ 8 pm

8/9 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder @ 12:30 pm

8/11 vs. Milwaukee Bucks @ 9 pm

8/13 vs. Boston Celtics @ TBA

This is far from an easy eight-game slate for the Wizards. Of course, with only playoff-bound or playoff-hopeful teams coming to Orlando, the competition is stiff across the board. But the schedule-makers didn’t cut the Wizards any breaks.

Fortunately, they will get one game against the Brooklyn Nets to hopefully make up ground on a team they might be able to catch in the standings. They beat Brooklyn in both of their previous meetings this season.

But closing things out against the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics will not be easy. The Wizards stole one against Boston earlier in the season, so maybe they can do it again. But Milwaukee has been a problem for Washington – with and without Giannis Antetonkoumpo.

Before the hiatus, the Wizards played a combined eleven games against these eight teams and went 5-6. The Suns were the only team besides the Nets that they have a winning record against. The Pelicans are the only team (of the eight) that they have yet to play since the 2020 season began.

At this point, we’re just over a month out from the restarts first day of games. Get ready, folks. It’s about to get wild. Oh, and keep an eye on these Wizards while they’re in Orlando.

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