Predicting when the Wizards will snap their frustrating losing streak

Washington Wizards v Utah Jazz
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Tuesday, March 12: Wizards at Grizzlies

Even after winning a contentious matchup with the Brooklyn Nets on Monday, the Memphis Grizzlies are just 3-14 in their last 17 contests. No team in the NBA has had their season derailed by injury quite as drastically as the Grizzlies have this year, which may turn out to be just the opening the Wizards need to sneak away with a win in front of the fiery Memphis crowd.

Along with the advantage in the war of attrition, Wizards starter Tyus Jones will likely have additional motivation coming into Memphis, as the Grizzlies chose to trade him to Washington this past June. Jones had signed with the Grizzlies as a restricted free agent in 2019.

Friday, March 29: Wizards vs. Pistons

After losing 36 of their first 39 games, including 28 in a row, the Detroit Pistons found themselves placed firmly among the league's worst teams in the standings. Since then, the young team has seen small strides of improvement. However, the Pistons are the only team the Wizards have defeated twice this season.

Their clash on the 29th of March will be the fourth game of the season series, one the Wizards lead with two wins in three games. The fascinating part of this matchup comes from where it falls on the schedule. If Washington is unable to secure a win before Detroit comes to town, the Wizards would enter the game with 27 consecutive losses, building a scene that calls back to Kyle Kuzma's December tweet about the Pistons' historic losing streak.

FanDuel recently released an NBA Special on their sportsbook, which allows users to bet when they believe the Wizards' next win will come. If Washington can catch a team in the right situation, there is enough talent on the roster to come away with a win sooner rather than later.

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