Washington Wizards games do not resemble real NBA games

Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

The Washington Wizards are 6-26 and have the third-worst point differential in the NBA so far this season. The expectations were already low at the beginning of the season, yet the Wizards still managed to disappoint. One of the most disappointing aspects of the Wizards' season has been the fact that they have been a deeply unserious team. The way they play doesn't resemble a real NBA team, turning their games into Harlem Globetrotters-like shows rather than competitive basketball games.

The main reason for that is the lack of defensive effort Washington displays night in and night out. They allow 123.3 points per 100 possessions, ranking dead last in the league by a mile. They give up on plays, fail to get back in transition, and regularly make communication and scheme mistakes defensively. The intensity on the perimeter leaves plenty to be desired.

On the offensive end, the Wizards play extremely fast. They run on 17.1% of possessions, the third-highest mark in the league. They try to go out in transition off of steals, rebounds and even made baskets. However, when you push the pace so hard, you also allow your opponent to get out in transition due to turnovers and missed shots. This extreme pace turns the Wizards' games into an up-and-down, run-and-gun style of games. Yet, Washington lacks the team discipline and togetherness to find the best shot on offense and get back on defense in transition. Jordan Poole and to some extent, Kyle Kuzma's poor shot selection contributes to this.

The Wizards have this ability to lull their opponents into a game that resembles more of a defense-optional pickup game. The opponents feel like they can get easy buckets and outscore the Wizards when they want so they take their foot off the gas at times as well.

These sorts of run-and-gun, defenseless games are not the best developmental environment. Young players need to be exposed to high-intensity, high-stress moments. The Wizards fail to provide that to their players. Whether it's through acquiring players through trades, a coaching change, or switching the playstyle of the team, the Wizards need to address this issue. The new front office promised a team playing the right way with a winning culture, and they need to deliver on that promise.

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