Paul George signing with 76ers could lead to Wizards trade market boom

Paul George signing with the Philadelphia 76ers in free agency could cause a trade boom for Washington Wizards and forward Kyle Kuzma.
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In what has been the biggest move of NBA free agency so far, Paul George inked a max contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. However, this could be great news for the Washington Wizards on the trade market.

There were a bunch of different teams hoping to get in on the action for George, and those who failed to snag him may still be hoping to improve.

And even if teams weren’t looking to add George, his signing with the 76ers could lead to other squads around the league trying to add talent in hopes of keeping up.

This is where the Wizards should step in with a Kyle Kuzma trade.

Paul George signing with 76ers could cause trade boom for Wizards and Kyle Kuzma

George was projected to be the biggest attraction of the summer, and now that he’s off the market, other teams will likely be looking to make deals for other impact players.

Kuzma is a quality forward who can provide a scoring punch at the forward spot. He’s not on a terrible contract, and the Wizards could get some solid value back in return.

The Orlando Magic were reportedly interested in adding George, but they ended up signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope instead. Maybe they would be interested in trading for Kuzma as a consolation prize, though that seems a bit unlikely since Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero are their starting forwards.

Perhaps the most intriguing idea is the LA Clippers themselves, who George just left. They could send an expiring contract and draft picks to the Wizards in exchange for Kuzma in an attempt to make up for the loss of George in free agency.

Then there are teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks who could be interested in adding Kuzma in hopes of keeping up with the 76ers.

New York just added Mikal Bridges, but Kuzma could still provide them with an extra punch. Meanwhile, the Bucks are hoping to play a more versatile style of defense, so swapping out Brook Lopez for a forward like Kuzma could be an intriguing idea.

The point is, there is a chance that George signing with the Sixers could cause a boom on the trade market as teams look to add talent, and the Wizards should look to take advantage of that.