Which Washington Wizards players will be on the move at this trade deadline?

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers
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With the trade deadline growing near, players are going to start moving to new teams soon. The Wizards need to shake up their roster and potentially bring in some younger talent to start building for their future. Despite the decision to rebuild, the team has been even worse than expected. Yet there are still plenty of veterans who might draw interest around the league. Bilal Coulibaly, at age 19, has been a bright spot in a somewhat underwhelming season for the Wizards. He might be the only untouchable player in Washington. Now, let’s get into the tradable pieces on the roster.

Delon Wright might be the player with the most trade value on the team who is not a starter. Always known as a decent backup at the point guard position, his defense might be the strongest part of his game, averaging almost 2 steals during his two seasons with the Wizards. He is not much of a scorer, but he is not in the league for that. Wright was put in the starting lineup plenty of times last season and was able to be productive, having his stats going up across the board. His defense and playmaking off the bench can give a team a nice push if they are contending for a championship.

Danilo Gallinari is the next player who can be on the move. He is the oldest player on the roster, having 13 years of NBA experience. Gallo has made a career with his ability to knock down the 3-ball. He suffered an ACL injury last season with the Boston Celtics missing the entire season, so this season is a bounce-back year for him. He can still provide shooting to a team looking for a big who can stretch the floor. 

Corey Kispert might be another piece that can be asked for in a potential deal. Kispert has been a knockdown shooter since he came into the league but has been showing more of his athleticism over the past 1.5 seasons. He has become an important part of the rotation for not only his shooting but also his ability to move without the ball. He has caught teams sleeping on backdoor cuts, resulting in a Kispert highlight dunk. His athleticism is slept on and with the combination of that with his shooting, he can thrive in a free-flowing offensive system. Kispert is still only 24 years old so the Wizards may want to keep him for their rebuild, but if the right offer comes along, he shouldn't be untouchable.

Kyle Kuzma has been the Wizards' best player all season. He is averaging a career-high 23 points and four assists per game. He has been a consistent contributor on the team and can be a key contributor to a contending team, as he was with the 2020 Lakers championship team. Some fans may not want to see him go because he has probably been the most exciting player to watch in Washington but he can be moved for some key pieces that can be used for the rebuild. He was just given a new contract by the team, but it is a movable deal. His skill set and age will be a big lift for a winning team. 

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