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Wiz of Awes Round Table: Sacramento Kings to Seattle?

If you haven’t heard already, basketball is on its way back to Seattle, Washington. Just several years after Seattle Supersonics fans were robbed of their beloved team, the Sacramento Kings have may be sold to a Seattle ownership group, which presumably paves way for a basketball franchise back in Seattle.

Though nothing is finalized, and there have been reports that the Maloofs have possibly even rejected the offer, the reports make it seem as if the deal may become inevitable.

Nevertheless, the possibility of Seattle regaining an NBA team is very intriguing. Here is Wiz of Awes’ take on the whole situation:

William Stokes:

I was shocked to hear the news that a Seattle group had bought the Sacramento Kings. My hearts grow up to the Sacramento Kings. But they also go out to Seattle fans who, like my fellow Ravens fans, will have to learn how to deal with the hypocrisy of having righteous indignation whenever Oklahoma City Thunder whenever they come to down while having ripped the hearts away from another cities fans. One of those things is clearly worse than the other, but both will become part of the sad history of stolen franchises.

As a Wizards fan, I was slightly panicked for a quick second after seeing this tweet. But after a moment’s thought, I remembered that for all of Ted Leonsis faults, he was an incredibly loyal D.C. owner with roots in the community. He is incredible with fan outreach and would never leave this town.  Much better writers then I have made this same point a lot better. As Wizards fans, we need to use this opportunity to thank Ted Leonsis. Many of us might not like him-heck, that’s one of the reasons our old editor got so frustrated he renounced his Wizards fandom, but we need to appreciate what we have. We have  basketball, and no matter how bad it is, that’s enough.

James Straton:

Wizards fans love to hate on Ted Leonsis for his commitment to Ernie Grunfeld and Randy Wittman, but at least he is a well-to-do owner with investments safer than casinos and aspirations of greatness. If nothing else, realize how lucky we all are to have a guy who cares and can afford to care. It could always be worse – the Wizards could be the Kings or Sonics. If Leonsis were mired in debt, he might have been the one cutting ties for $500 million and the beloved and beleaguered Wiz kids would be on their way to rainy Seattle. That would have been a rainy day in DC; it’s likely a rainy day in Sacramento.

 Sonics fans have had their franchise restored, but they had to pillage another city to become whole again. I don’t blame anyone on any side, but I only feel for fans in Sacramento.  Sacramento didn’t deserve to lose their team, not to Seattle, and especially not Virginia Beach. None of the random talk about the Kings or Wizards relocating to Va Beach struck me as plausible or noteworthy, and now that the Kings are on the move I am grateful for that. I knew it might happen for the Kings, but the Wizards were always safe, and that is because Leonsis is, if nothing else, a principled and successful businessman with good intentions. That’s a common assurance Kings fans haven’t had over the last few years.

I saw a retweet of a Kings fan saying he was trying to hold back tears while at work. If the Wizards were to ever relocate, I doubt anyone would shed a tear; a few might even celebrate. While it may be true that the Wizards have had a bad run as of late, at least we can all take solace in knowing they aren’t going anywhere. That has to count for something. We have to give Leonsis credit for that, at least.

Ben Mehic:

Like William, I was very surprised to hear about the news. The Kings have been a total mess as of late, and the possibility of relocation has been lingering for quite some time. Though nothing is finalized, I can’t help but feel terribly sorry for Kings fans which live in Sacramento. It’s tough to see another team’s fanbase get torn to shreds, just to try and potentially mend the broken hearts in Seattle. People such as Blake Ellington, and other avid Kings fans, have tried their best to keep their team in Sacramento. I’d hate to see their efforts go unnoticed, but the fact of the matter is, the Kings organization doesn’t seem like a compassionate group of people. They’ve built a mess in Sacramento, which was bound to fail. I’m happy for those in Seattle because they didn’t deserve to be robbed of their beloved Sonics. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

I’m glad to have Ted Leonsis lead the Wizards. Sure, he’s had his fair share of mistakes, but at least he’s a successful man who goes out of his way to connect with the Washington Wizards fans. Leonsis is a passionate guy, and I can’t see him deserting his fanbase. He’s payed money out of his own pocket, which the Maloofs refuse to do, in order to change the culture around in D.C. He’s gotten rid of guys such as Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee, who could’ve turned the Wizards into a bigger mess than the Kings.

I understand that the Wizards haven’t had a successful season in a long time. But at least we have an ownership which seem like they care.

To wrap it all up, nothing is set in stone. As of today, the Sacramento Kings still remain in Sacramento. I applaud guys such as Blake Ellington which go out of their way to help keep the team in Sacramento. I’d hate to see another broken fanbase, but at this point, Sacramento relocating to Seattle seems like a done deal.


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