Washington Wizards: Tracy McGrady Throws Shade At Bradley Beal

Feb 12, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Canada player Tracy McGrady (1) brings the ball up court during the All-Star celebrity basketball game at Ricoh Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 12, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Canada player Tracy McGrady (1) brings the ball up court during the All-Star celebrity basketball game at Ricoh Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports /

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is going to get a max contract, but former NBA star Tracy McGrady doesn’t think he’s worth it

When I was your age, I used to walk barefoot to school in freezing temperatures. You kids have it too easy nowadays.

We all know the old people who just cannot relate to the young folks. It’s just a thing that happens and it will never end. Sadly, that sort of thinking occurs in the NBA too.

There is a belief among former players that the NBA has become “soft” and that the players are much more egotistical than in the past. Has the NBA changed? It absolutely has – but it’s changed for the better.

Now, players are much more versatile than they were before. The big men, in particular, have been adding ball-handling skills and a jump shot to their arsenal, which isn’t something they were required to have “back in the day.”

The NBA is much more skill-oriented now.

Players have to be able to space the floor, move the ball and score in transition. The pace of the game has increased and the 3-point shot has become essential.

Since the game has begun to evolve and players are become more well-known, the league has grown too. Basketball as a whole has become a global sport, making the NBA one of the most profitable sport leagues in the world.

The players that played “back in the day” didn’t make nearly as much money as the players do today. The great thing is, the NBA and the sport is going to continue to grow and the players’ pockets are going to expand.

With an enormous new TV deal looming, the NBA is expected to see its salary cap rise – meaning, the players’ contracts are going to grow to absurd amounts.

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Players that are entering this summer’s free agency are going to take advantage of the new TV deal and the advertisements that will be placed on jerseys, so they’re going to cash out.

One of those players suits up in a Washington Wizards uniform.

Bradley Beal is going to get a max contract this summer, whether the Wizards like it or not.

Some have said that the often injured guard isn’t worth it, and while it’s tough to argue that, the context of the situation changes his future deal with Washington.

The players that used to play for much less have taken notice of the ridiculous raises that their successors have gotten.

Tracy McGrady, who also dealt with numerous injuries throughout his career that stunted his ability to become one of the league’s most memorable players in history, recently threw some shade at Beal.

Here’s the comment that he made when speaking about Beal wanting a max deal:

"“If he’s a max player, I’m coming back.”Like many other old-school players (T-Mac is only 37-years-old, but it feels like he’s been out the league since the early 2000s), McGrady has failed to understand why players like Beal will get max contracts.Again – the salary cap is going to rise significantly and players with potential are going to get paid. It’s really that simple.Beal understands his market value and we really can’t blame him for wanting a max contract.Washington has the right to match any offer Beal gets since he’s a restricted free agent, but that doesn’t mean they will let him walk. They should have explored a trade for the 22-year-old before the deadline, but that ship has sailed. Now the Wizards don’t have much of a choice but to pay him.Although he’s suffered through numerous injuries throughout his young career, Beal is just only 22. He was on the cusp of becoming an All-Star before getting hurt this season and put up well over 20 points per contest during that period. There aren’t many 22-year-old guards with All-Star potential walking around in free agency.Teams that are in dire need of talent won’t hesitate to offer Beal the deal and the Washington Wizards will match it.So, while Beal might not be a “max player,” that doesn’t mean he’s not going to get the contract. That deal goes far beyond the player’s current production.Next: Why You Can't Blame Beal For Wanting The MaxMcGrady was hired to do analysis on television and it’s a shame he didn’t even attempt to explain the situation, but instead took it upon himself to throw shade at Beal – a young player who knows what he’s worth on the market. And no, T-Mac, please stay retired.Published on 05/24/2016 at 8:57 PM EDTLast updated on 05/24/2016 at 8:57 PM EDT “If he’s a max player, I’m coming back.”"