Report: Washington Wizards Trade 52nd Pick in 2017 NBA Draft to New Orleans for Point Guard Tim Frazier

Washington Wizards fans have been prepping since the end of the season for the 2017 NBA Draft, as improving the bench has been a key area of focus for the team. Well, according to reports, fans need no longer look to the draft, as the Wizards have traded their sole pick to the New Orleans Pelicans for guard Tim Frazier.

There it is, a ScottoBomb!

Just as the trade winds had cooled down, and everyone thought that we’d head into Thursday’s draft intact, Ernie Grunfeld and the Wizards pulled off another trade, moving the 52nd pick for Pelicans point guard Tim Frazier.

Of course the team was looking for a combo guard to provide bench help after John Wall played an absurd amount of minutes last season. Well it looks like they’ve found their man.

This is somewhat similar to the trade last year of a top 55 protected second round pick for point guard Trey Burke, but this move seems like it will have more positive ramifications for the team.

Frazier, a 26-year old guard from Penn State, played in 65 games last year in New Orleans, and started 35 of them. With point guard Jrue Holiday out to start the season, Frazier led the ship. Of course the Pelicans got off to a dreadful 0-8 start, but Frazier played pretty well early on statistically, especially considering the big shoes he had to fill.

Late in the season, after the trade of Buddy Hield, Frazier started at shooting guard alongside Holiday, showing that he has combo guard skills, and can defend both guard positions.

For the season, he averaged 7.1 points, 5.2 assists, and 0.9 steals, while shooting 31% on three-pointers, in line with his career average.

Reviewing the prospects for the draft, I had become enamored with some of the young talent, namely Cameron Oliver, but as has been the usual, Grunfeld made a move for the current timeline of the team. Considering the Wizards had three point guards they couldn’t trust last season, this move is probably for the best.

Hopefully, management is aggressive and willing to spend some money on another second round pick. TNT and’s David Aldridge is reporting that the Wizards are still on the prowl.

This is a deep draft, and there will be some talent in the second round that can contribute for this team.

More analysis to come, but for now, welcome the newest Wizard, Tim Frazier!