Washington Wizards Wednesday Roundup: Featuring Words from President Ernie Grunfeld

Washington Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld had plenty of news for Wizards fans and media to soak up Wednesday afternoon. Get the recap here.

Wednesday morning got off to a seemingly slow start, considering the flurry of news earlier in the week. In just the last 36 hours, we had rumors about the trades of Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Kristaps Porzingis, Paul Millsap, and DeAndre Jordan. Add on the actual trades of Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, and D’Angelo Russell, and we had NBA frenzy.

For the Wizards, however, things were calm, but newsworthy. The team announced it had purchased an expansion NBA G-League team, the NBA’s 27th farm team. Grunfeld spoke about the help that they developmental team will bring to the Wizards, allowing them to better scout and develop young talent.

Later in the day, Grunfeld spoke with media and answered a few questions. There were two noteworthy topics. The team’s willingness to go over the luxury tax, and the future of center Marcin Gortat.

On the topic of the luxury tax, Grunfeld said the following.

While it’s a seemingly uneventful quote, it is a question that had to be asked, considering the owners previous unwillingness to pay the luxury tax. Then again it is a small cop-out, as the Wizards may not have the chance to go over for “the right player.

About Gortat’s future, he added:

“I’ve talked to March. March is with us. March, we’ve had him for four years. He’s averaged a double-double for four years. He’s been in the second round for three out of those four years and is a big part of what we’re doing. Everybody has frustration after a tough loss and a tough series. March is with us and he’s going to be a big part of what we’re doing,” Grunfeld said.

Along with Otto Porter, Gortat has been the most mentioned person in trade speculation, considering his back up Ian Mahinmi, is making $16 million a year for the next three seasons. This quote is more about Gortat’s feelings of the situation than Grunfeld promising to not trade him, but it is great to hear this update, considering the frustration Gortat voiced in his exit interview.

In other news, John Wall hopped on the HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy and dished on everything from his offseason workouts, to beating the Warriors, the ongoing Paul George saga, and his future in Washington.

The week is just getting started, as the 2017 NBA Draft, takes place Thursday night on ESPN. Washington has the 52nd pick. Check out some recent mock draft results here.