Wizards reveal new jerseys and get brutally roasted by fans

The Washington Wizards just revealed some new statement jerseys, but fans roasted them for it on Twitter.
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Washington Wizards, Wizards jerseys, Wizards fans / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Next year could be a season of change for the Washington Wizards. They have a chance to start to reshape their future this summer with the No. 2 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

In addition, they have some choices to make, such as whether or not they should trade Kyle Kuzma and if they should re-sign Tyus Jones to a new contract.

Brian Keefe is now the full-time head coach, their young core will be looking to grow (highlighted by Bilal Coulibaly and Deni Avdija), and they have plenty of room to improve after finishing with their worst winning percentage in franchise history last year.

But the on-the-court changes aren’t the only new things coming to Washington heading into next season. The team also just revealed a new statement jersey.

The new jersey follows a similar style to some of Washington’s other concepts, highlighting a stripe pattern with navy blue and red—the team’s primary colors.

For this one, the navy blue takes center stage, as the color white is largely left off, unlike most of the Wizards’ other jerseys. And while there was some positive reception to the design, it didn’t stop Washington from getting roasted on Twitter.

Some fans were upset that it looks similar to the other jerseys the Wizards have rolled out over the years.

That was a common sentiment among fans, with some even calling it a total fail because of how much it resembled jerseys of the past.

The biggest roast of all came through when one fan started off by saying the jerseys look alright but noting that it doesn’t matter because the Wizards can’t “win at least 32 games.”

And while a ton of people settled on the fact that the jerseys were simply average-looking—nothing special at all—others made a point to express how bad they believed they are, throwing some shade on social media.

Overall, Washington’s new threads aren’t the worst thing in the world, and any jersey any team ever comes out with will have some haters. But the roasts that came to fruition after these jerseys were announced were wild.